The Summary- Is The TrimDownClub a Fraud?

Given what is known about the aggressive online weight loss industry, and the excessive amount of fraud that can be found there why can we say that The Trim Down Club is not a fraud?

We have 3 logical reasons besides the Trim Down Club Reviews that come from real members…

  1. There are too many members that have been active on trim down club forums for too long… There are a few HUNDRED THOUSAND paid members that have been with the club for months (and even years) and are still active with the website- asking and answering questions on the forums, providing support to new members and firing questions at the website and the dietitians (headed by Registered Dietitian Ossie Sharon). They wouldn’t stick around if it were a fraud. This is the simplest answer, and the most powerful one. There are a few hundred thousand members- and they are still there. The people have spoken. And continue to speak. Regularly.
  2. There is a 60 day money back guarantee through a third party payment system. The Trim Down Club doesn’t take your money- it is collected by ClickBank- a financial services company that manages a few billion dollars worth of transactions annually (apparently they aren’t a fraud either)- and if you want a refund in the first 60 days- for any reason whatsoever, you get it from Clickbank. Trim Down Club can’t stop the money from flowing back to you. Have you ever heard of a company committing fraud using a fool-proof system for giving money back to people?  Me neither.
  3. The 60 day warranty is crazy long. ANYBODY can lose a few pounds quickly- most people hit a plateau though- and will probably do so within 4-6 weeks after they start a program at which point they will start thinking about a refund. The trimdownclub gives a guarantee that runs past that plateau- and that means that people will get past the initial success- the part where they are NOT going to ask for a refund, and they will hit that plateau, and they will then have to be convinced that the program is worth sticking too- or not. If it’s a fraud, then trimdownclub would shorten the refund time period to a week ensuring that people are still seeing good results until it is too late. Then they would laugh all the way to the bank. Instead they give you time to have the easy win, and time to hit the first hard plateau. THEN they need to show their value to you in order to keep you as a member.

All in all the reasons why the Trim Down Club is not a fraud are logical- starting with the fact that there are a few hundred thousand active members (all of whom have decided it is NOT a fraud), followed up by the fact that your money is held by a third party that will refund you (whether the club wants them to refund you or not) and ending with the fact that the refund period is so long that any fraud would be seen and the club would be outed- every single time.

How to Spot a Weight Loss Fraud

The signs are all out there: big promises, no results, hushed communities – once you know the telltale signs, it’s easy to spot fraudulent companies. How often do you see the signs on TV and the internet? Do you get sucked in to strange advertisements promising “one incredible food that blasts fat” or “Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?”

If you’ve been fooled by promises like these, you’re not alone. Millions of dollars are wasted every year on products that promise an easy path to weight loss. We totally understand. Who wouldn’t want to lose 10 pounds in two weeks (and stay healthy)? Who wouldn’t want to be slimmer with little to no effort?

Of course, products like these just don’t exist. Over the past 50 years alone, there have been so many weight loss products that crop up and die out year after year. Let alone the fact that, when they do work, people often see a massive spike in weight after the first few pounds come off.

Thinking about Trim Down Club?

There are two ways to lose weight in this world, and we’ve all known them since we were young: diet and exercise. The problem is that “diets” sound boring and exercise can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule. That’s why Trim Down Club exists in the first place.

With the Trim Down Club online tools, thousands upon thousands of users have found an easier way to lose weight, all while eating delicious and healthy meals that they love. Between a weekly meal planner to keep you on track with your goals (fast food temptations are a thing of the past) and hundreds of recipes with plenty of ingredients and flavor profiles, there’s never a dull moment losing weight with Trim Down Club.

Try it, Love it

Trim Down Club doesn’t have all those telltale signs of fraudulent weight loss products. They don’t promise instant weight loss – they promise sustainable results. It’s not a pill – it’s real food that you make. There’s a big community behind it and forums abuzz with users conversing, supporting each other, and sharing tips for weight loss. If you’re looking for a product that you can trust, look no further.

Trim Down Club comes with a 60-day guarantee, and that means that your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back – no questions asked. With their low, one-time fee, there’s no reason not to invest in a happier, healthier future. When you see the results for yourself, we’re sure you’ll understand why we think Trim Down Club is the real deal.

Trim Down Club Isn’t a Fraud

It’s hard to prove something, especially when that something has had a track record of fraud for years. Of course we’re talking about the world of quick-fix diets. Just imagine how many times you’ve been promised fat-blasting pills or workouts that just don’t work. Now imagine that about a million times over every year for millions of TV viewers and internet browsers. It’s no surprise that the diet industry is so lucrative – but where does that leave the people that actually want to lose weight?

Not in a good place. Not until Trim Down Club. We’d hate to break it to you, but there really is no other natural way to lose weight besides good eating habits and exercise. What makes it so hard is making decisions on what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. Trim Down Club makes that easy.

How Trim Down Club is Different

Trim Down Club doesn’t promise instant results. That’s the one big difference it makes in the world of weight loss. It does take work to lose weight, but Trim Down Club (hopefully) will make it second nature after just a few weeks.

With carefully developed tools like a multi-week menu planner and approved recipes, you’ll be making delicious meals that make it easy to lose weight and keep the weight off, something that most weight loss products don’t promise.

Another facet of Trim Down Club is its excellent Refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with your results (we’d be surprised if you weren’t), you can get a full refund via click bank within 60 days. That’s a whole lot of time to figure out if Trim Down Club is right for you.

A History of Great Results

Trim Down Club has been around for a few years now, and in that time they have helped so many people lose pound after pound of weight and keep it off. Head to the Trim Down Club website and check out their reviews. You’ll find a ton of testimonials and personal accounts of user results. If you’re still not convinced, look no further than the TDC forum. There, you’ll see thousands of threads open with people discussing recipes, supporting each other, and sharing success stories.

We’ve no doubt that Trim Down Club is the real deal, but it makes sense to be apprehensive. After all, results like these are hard to come by with little effort. With 60 days of risk-free use, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give the Trim Down Club system a try. We know you’ll love what you see.

Trim Down Club and Fraud

Trim Down Club and Fraud

We’d tell you how many times we’ve been promised easy weight loss, but we lost count somewhere in the millions. You know the drill: there’s some TV personality swearing by a miracle pill or special diet and people go buy it by the ton. And what’s left after all is said and done? A bunch of wasted money and disappointed people who still need a solution. The truth is that weight loss pills just don’t work. You’d have more success buying a few vitamins, hitting the gym, and eating right.

Why we keep falling for frauds

The reason that these companies crop up year after year is that we choose to believe them every time. Who wouldn’t want an instant and super-easy way to lose weight? The allure is too great for most of us. So we keep giving these companies reasons to fraud us when we buy into their crash diets and ridiculous promises. What we need is a new way to think of dieting that focuses on sustainability.

Trim Down Club was made for that very reason. It is a sustainable health platform (not a product or diet) that serves as a lifestyle tool. Between recipes, meal plans, journals, and a wide community of users just like you, Trim Down Club boasts a high success rate and results that last.

Trim Down Club gives you control

You shouldn’t have to take a pill or eat tasteless food to lose weight. Eating right should allow you to mix and match foods that you already love while you control your portions. The Trim Down Club recipes and tools allow you to build meal plans ahead of time so you always know what you’re going to eat and how much you should be eating. Fraudulent products often promise weight loss but require you to stop eating the foods that you love.

This sense of control is the most important part of the Trim Down Club lifestyle. Relying on things like pills means you’ll never have the power to lose weight all on your own. Trim Down Club sets you on the right path so you can build healthy habits that pay off big time!

This longevity gives you the power to keep moving forward and lose weight over time. Stabilizing means that you’ll develop life-long eating habits that you can always benefit from. Crash diets can sometimes give immediate results, but the ensuing binges and weight gain can leave you worse for wear. These fraudulent companies never consider your long-term benefits, and things often end worse than they started. Don’t fall for insane promises of one-month fat blasting pills or a week to pound upon pound of weight loss. Go for products and solutions that take time but give you results.

Trim Down Club not a Fraud

Lose weight easily. No work required. Shed pounds fast!

We know you’ve heard it about a million times before in commercials, magazine advertisements, and web banners. Weight loss is a concern for a lot of people. It would be great if we could just take a pill and get healthy and slim, but health is one thing that doesn’t come easy.

That’s why there’s so much out there that just doesn’t work. Companies make products that promise instant results and we flock to them. We want that product because we’re too busy to follow through and avoid that fast food, go to the gym, and spend some time working on ourselves.

That’s why there are so many fraudulent products out there. Imagine all of the diet pills you’ve seen, the crazy results that people have had without having to lift a finger. Think these results are real? We don’t either.

We know that Trim Down Club works because it’s a lifestyle tool, not an instant gratification product. But do you know how to spot a fraudulent product? Here are just a few things you should look out for when someone promises you an easy way to lose weight.

How to Spot a Fraud

1. Subscription

If they’re asking you to buy into something that takes monthly payment after monthly payment: beware! Oftentimes “fat burning” pills are nothing more than a way to get you to keep coming back for more and waiting for a result. If you’re required to keep buying into something that doesn’t seem to work just yet, you should drop it for something that will.


If you see those two words in big, bold text, stay away! If someone isn’t standing behind their product, why should you? Also beware of short refund policies like 14 or 30 days. Do you really think you could see serious results in that short amount of time?

Trim Down Club offers a 60-day refund policy because they know that big changes take more time. Anything less than 60 days is a sure sign of a money-sink.

3. No community

If you don’t see members talking about a product and find no other customers to talk to, the company is probably keeping things under wraps. These companies watch carefully to remove any negative press by taking down websites and negative reviews. The Trim Down Club community serves as a perfect example of how a community should operate. You can, at any time, check in on customers on the forums to see their results for yourself.

Leading by Example

Trim Down Club avoids these fraudulent tropes with excellent support, a big community, and awesome results. If you want to know how to spot the real deal, look no further than Trim Down Club. They’ve set a precedent for lifestyle change that’s hard to beat and makes the frauds easier to spot.

Trim Down Club Fraud

Is Trim Down Club a Fraud?

Fraud is something we’re all afraid of. When we spend our money, we want to be sure we get what we paid for. That’s why it’s so important to use resources – the internet, word of mouth, reviews – to learn more about something before we take the dive. Anything having to do with weight loss, in particular, is usually rife with fraudulent claims. Think about the last fifty years of weight loss products. How many of them worked? How many of these “incredible solutions” were a whole lot more like incredible wastes of time and money?

Nowadays, people are getting harder to fool. That’s a good thing, but there are definitely exceptions to the rule. Being too suspicious or close-minded might mean that something great could pass you by. That’s almost what happened to us when we heard about Trim Down Club.

Not a Product, a Tool

Trim Down Club isn’t selling miracle pills or crash diets or frozen foods. They’re selling tools (not physical tools). That was the first sign that this was something different.

Their one-time fee meant that they didn’t want to extract money from us. Multiple payments or subscriptions are usually a telltale sign that someone wants your money, results be damned. Trim Down Club just cost us one surprisingly low fee with a 60-day refund policy. That sounded good to us.

When you sign on after payment, you’re given tools for building meals and meal plans, recipes, and a massive community. Speaking of community, the TDC community is one big sign that they’re the real deal.

The Customer is Always Right

The Trim Down Club Community is absolutely huge, boasting thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers. If we weren’t convinced by the sprawling reviews page that has a ton of testimonials on it, we were definitely persuaded by the thousands of forum posts by satisfied customers that were actually seeing results.

You can fake a promise, but you can’t fake thousands of people constantly buzzing with recipe ideas, conversations, and success stories. This was the tell-tale sign for us. Their community is simply so large and active that we couldn’t find any way to deny it. If anything, the community is what makes Trim Down Club so strong. The tools themselves are the powerhouse of the service, but the community is where you get the longevity that no other product out there offers.

Having a problem? Start a thread on the forum to get help from thousands of people just like you. Want to talk about a new recipe idea? Someone out there wants to share. Support is a powerful weight loss tool, and this community was worth the low price of entry by itself.

If you were at all worried that Trim Down Club wasn’t the real thing, you can most definitely dig in with confidence. With a 60-day refund policy, a history of results, and an excellent community, you have nothing to lose.